Neighborhood community management software

Achieve maximum efficiency in the management of your community of neighbors and reduce energy costs due to misuse of facilities by up to 75%.

From €129 per year!

Easy software andeasy to manage


Manage reservations for all common spaces from the app or website with 3 simple steps, paddle tennis courts, social rooms, saunas, etc.


Possibility of integration with smart locks and access control through the app, turning on lights as well as saunas, jacuzzis, AC,...

Limitations and restrictions of uses

Create restrictions on use to avoid abuse from some neighbors. Number of maximum weekly reservations, active reservations,… a multitude of possibilities and variables.

Maximize the use of facilities

If the facility is free, make use of the “last minute”, the previous restrictions are eliminated to make the most of the facilities.


Blocking of the APP as well as access to the facilities for delinquent neighbors and/or squatters.


Manage payments as well as reservation deposits from the APP, through REDSYS, PAYPAL or STRIPE.


In case of misuse or non-attendance of reservations, penalties are automatically created.


Incident system to improve communication with your neighbors and the possibility of communication.


System fully adapted for user privacy in compliance with the RGPD.

Neighborhood documentation

Documentation repository for your neighbors with easy access and control by them.


Control of community material loaned to neighbors for their use and deposits of deposits.


We can adapt the app and home automation to become the best solution to your problem.

They already manage their spaces

With Myturn, access to municipal facilities and their management will not be a problem with any device.

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Integrated home automation for buildings

Customized to your needs


Owners is the owner of the apartment and can generate its cohabitants to facilitate reservations for all cohabitants.

Specific user tenants for apartments have an extra cost of €5/Housing per year. The owner invites tenants on specific dates. During these dates the owner is disabled from making reservations.

Controllers and Concierges are profiles that allow you to manage and control existing reservations

President and Administrator are two users who have access to the management panel and can change the rules of the facilities, accept or block users, review statistics and reservations, etc.

There are a multitude of statistics: number of uses per month per neighbor, statistics on the number of people who use the facilities, etc.

Swimming pools, sports courts, paddle tennis, social rooms, barbecues, coworking, saunas, jacuzzis, community parking, yoga rooms,…

Yes, of course, our goal is for everything to be centralized from our APP.

We can usually use other existing systems and even have APIs to connect with other software.

It is quite simple, in a matter of 24/48 hours you can have the system operational. Initially we will organize the facilities that you describe to us and afterwards a video conference will be held to explain to the administrator or president how these can be modified. User activation can be done in two ways: mass upload from an Excel with the following 4 columns: Name – 00 – Last name – Email – Housing ID or through the registration link. This second activation method is carried out after verification by the administrator.


Request a demo with one of our technicians so they can help you get the full potential of the app and get what you need!