APP for reservations and space management plus integrated home automation

Achieve maximum efficiency in the management of your business or association or sports club, and reduce energy costs and misuse.

From €69 per year!


Easy and simpleto manage

Shift and schedule management

Book in 3 simple steps, limiting capacity or people per shift depending on the level of users.


Different user roles for easy and simple control of permissions and functions within the app.

Limitaciones y rangos

Limitation of capacity per space, ranges of hours of use, usage reports, bonus system.

Payment gateway

Integration with your payment gateway so that your clients can pay you through the app.

Incident cycle

Incident system to improve communication with your users and their resolution.

Gestión de turnos y horarios

Reserva en 3 sencillos pasos, limitando aforos o personas por turno en función del nivel de los usuarios.


Diferentes roles de usuario para un control fácil y sencillo de permisos y funciones dentro de la app.

Limitaciones y rangos

Limitación de aforo por espacio, rangos de horas de uso, informes de uso, sistema de bonos.

Pasarela de Pago

Integración con tu pasarela de pago para que tus clientes puedan pagarte mediante la app.

Ciclo de incidencias

Sistema de incidencias para mejorar la comunicación con tus usuarios y resolución de estas.

Informes de uso

Toda la información sobre tu negocio, asociación o club deportivo a un solo click.


Podemos adaptar la app y la domótica para convertirse en la mejor solución a tu problema.

Integración con domótica

Control de accesos, cerraduras inteligentes, control de temperatura, encendido y apagado de luces, etc.


Repositorio de documentación para tus clientes o usuarios donde poder tener acceso global.

Máxima privacidad

Sistema totalmente adaptado para la privacidad de los usuarios en cumplimiento de la RGPD.

Usage reports

All the information about your business, association or sports club in just one click.


We can adapt the app and home automation to become the best solution to your problem.

Integração com automação residencial

Access control, smart locks, temperature control, turning lights on and off, etc.


Documentation repository for your clients or users where you can have global access.

Maximum privacy

System fully adapted for user privacy in compliance with the RGPD.

Integrated home automation
for spaces

Customized to your needs

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They already managetheir spaces

A spectacular app, we have been using it since the pandemic and it has helped us organize the use of our community facilities (tennis courts, swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, etc.). Easy to use and easy to implement.
Abraham Navarro
Complejo San Alfonso del Mar Chile
Certainly the application has helped us a lot and solved the challenge of capacity control in our community. The application is very simple, very friendly and configurable for the needs of each client. And they have always served us quickly and efficiently.
Ernesto Marivela
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Control totaldesde tu app

Consigue la máxima eficiencia en la gestión de tu negocio o asociación o club deportivo, y reduce los costes energéticos y de mal uso.

You have been able to see us in

Achieve maximum efficiency in the management of your business or association or sports club, and reduce energy costs and misuse.



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