Home automation management software for tourist apartments

Achieve maximum efficiency in the management of tourist apartments, and reduce energy costs by 40%.

From €69 per year!

Easy software andeasy to manage


Possibility of integration with electric or smart locks and access control through the app.


Possibility of temperature management when the apartment is occupied and with people inside.


Manage to control the noise in your apartment and if it exceeds certain decibels, notify the owner who can disconnect the electricity in the apartment.


The owner can assign his username by creating a tenant user, giving him access to the APP for a certain period of time to use the facilities.


Incident system to improve communication with your tenants and the possibility of communication.


System fully adapted for user privacy in compliance with the RGPD.


We can adapt the app and home automation to become the best solution to your problem.

They already manage their spaces

With Myturn, access to municipal facilities and their management will not be a problem with any device.

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Tourist apartments

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Integrated home automation for tourist apartments

Customized to your needs


The great advantage of our system is that we can use electric or magnetic locks whose prices vary between €12 and €50 compared to the very expensive electronic locks that exceed €170 per unit.

As long as it has an infrared system using a remote control or more advanced systems (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) we can control it with our system.

By limiting the range the owner can produce a now of up to 45%. An air conditioning operating at 21ºC compared to 17ºC, normalizing the 1 kW value to the consumption of 1 hour at 21ºC, that air at 17ºC would have consumed 1.45 kW.

Our system has a decibel sensor and if after a certain time and once a decibel threshold is exceeded for a duration determined by the owner, our APP notifies the owner so that he can try to contact the tenant or, failing that, he can turn off the light and electrical current of the apartment.

Using high-tech microwave sensors it allows us to detect movement in the apartment, allowing us to turn off the air when there is no one inside the house. In addition, with our window sensors, in case one is open, we can also turn off the AC.

You can use the key system to open the door or any trusted person could open the door for you, for example janitors, doormen,…

In areas where these problems can occur normally, our device can have a SIM CARD connection support and in case the electricity fails we can install a battery system that can last for days. In addition, the backup system can be used. keys to open the door.

Yes, of course, they can also offer the extra services that the hotel offers inside and outside or include other services such as cleaning, extra towels,…


Request a demo with one of our technicians so they can help you get the full potential of the app and get what you need!